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 Welcome to the home of the Kalkasi Pyrenean Mountain Dogs. (pronounced CAL- CASS-E).

 The name is made up of the pet names of our first 2 Pyrenean Mountain Dogs, Kaspa & Kalli, 'KAL'

 is taken from Kalli, 'KAS' is taken from Kaspa and finally the 'I' from Kalli.


 Kalkasi was Established in 1987 when we purchased our first Pyrenean, 'Kaspa', (Shanlimore Galaxy). 

 'Kaspa' introduced us to this beautiful breed. A true gentle giant.



 From then on we were hooked. We began showing, moderately at first but by the time we had purchased

 our second Pyrenean in 1989, 'Kalli', (Shanlimore Island Dream of Kalkasi) we could not turn back.



 'Kalli' was mated to Lubenn Mr Macho in 1993 and produced 'Kara', (Kalkasi Summer Breeze) and 'Belle',

 (Ch Kalkasi Summer Jade of Labellamonty).


 Our  'Summer' litter.


 Kalkasi was born.



 'Kara', aged 13 years (in July 2006) passed away peacefully on 11th September 2006.

 Sadly 'Belle' passed away aged 9 and a half years.


 'Kalli', (Shanlimore Island Dream of Kalkasi) had a second litter in July 1996 by Pyrhaven Manuela,

 ou'Island'  litter.


 We kept a brother and sister, (Kalkasi Island Wizard) , 'Kasey' & (Kalkasi Island Spirit), 'Kia'.

 In 2000, another bitch from this litter came back to us when her owner died suddenly, this bitch was

 (Kalkasi Island Magic),'Kashta'. We lost 'Kasey' aged 9 and a half just after Christmas 2005.  'Kia' was sadly

 put to sleep in October 2008. 'Kashta' passed away in her sleep on 11th September 2009 aged 13 years and 2 months.


 In March 1997 we mated 'Kara', (Kalkasi Summer Breeze) to Ch Benacia Alexander of Lukeanna.

 This was our 'Breeze' litter. From this litter, 'Kasmi', (Kalkasi Enchanted Breeze) stayed with us.


 In 2000, 'Kasmi's' sister, 'Ashia', (Kalkasi Whispering Breeze of Labellamony) came back to live with us. She lived

 to 12 years of age, we lost her on 02nd April 2009.


 Kasmi has had 2 litters, the first in August 2000 produced our 'Enchanted' litter, sired by

 Ch Shiresoak Wizards Harvest and we kept another brother and sister, 'Kimba' & 'sKooby',

 (Kalkasi Enchanted Willow & Kalkasi Enchanted Illusion).


 Her second litter in July 2003 sired by Gillandant Kieren, produced a single bitch puppy, 'Keela',

 (Kalkasi Free Spirit). 'Kasmi' had to be put to sleep in December 2006, just 3 months after we lost her mother, 'Kara'.


 We had another bitch in our kennel, brought in from the Shiresoak kennels in September 2001, 'K'tana',

 (Ch Shiresoak Magical Star At Kalkasi JW),   'K'tana' was mated in July 2006 to 'Kody'and a litter was born on 

  18th September 2006. (see below).


 A litter from 'Kimba' (Kalkasi Enchanted Willow) arrived on 05th December 2004 by Ch Laudley Dream 

 Supreme ('Rufus'). 5 girls and 3 boys arrived safely and 'Kimba' was a model mum, taking it all in her stride. 

 We had been hoping for a special blaireau dog and 'Kody' (Ch Kalkasi Willows Surprise JW ShCM) was

 that dog.


 However, there was a lightly coloured blaireau bitch who we nicknamed Holly and who won our hearts

 through her cheeky character. Holly became known as 'Kayli' (Ch Kalkasi Misty Willow JW), both have been

 successfully shown since June 2005, accompanied by their mum once she regained her coat and  



 Pictures of all the puppies can be seen on the various Litters page. The progress of 'Kayli', 'Kody', 'Portia' (now

 owned by Janet Srodzinski - 'Rufus' owner) & 'Belle' (owned by Ian & Julia Laverty) can be followed.


 We decided to repeat this mating later in early 2007 - see our 'Litters' page.

 This repeat litter (our 'Dream' litter) arrived on 01st June 2007, 3 girls and 2 boys arrived safely, all blaireau 


 This time we kept 'Kelsey' (Kalkasi Wishing On A Dream).


 Her brother, 'Kenzo' (Kalkasi Mamiroufs Dream Boy) was exported to Sweden to join the Mamiroufs kennel

 with Camilla Lundgren.


 On 18th September 2006 'K'tana' (Ch Shiresoak Magical Star At Kalkasi JW) produced a litter of 10 puppies by

 'Kody' (Ch Kalkasi Willows Surprise JW ShCM). From this litter we have ourselves kept a dog puppy  'Konnor'

 (Kalkasi Magical Masquerade JW) and a bitch puppy 'Kismet' (Kalkasi Magical Moondancer). These 2

 made their debut in the showring along with 'Maddie' (Kalkasi Magical Beauty At Desalazara JW)

 'Ella' (Kalkasi Magical Flare At Penellcy) in March 2007.


 Sadly, we lost 'K'tana' at the young age of 6 and a half years in February 2008.


 We decided to mate 'Keela' (Kalkasi Free Spirit) in 2007 to 'Kody' (Ch Kalkasi Willows Surprise JW ShCM).

 'Keela' produced a healthy litter of 7 by caesarian section on 03rd October 2007.

 4 boys and 3 girls, all with blaireau markings. This is our 'Free' litter' We hope to have 'Kamara'

 (Kalkasi Running Free), 'George' (Kalkasi Care Free), 'Digby' (Kalkasi Proud and Free) and 'Kacey'

 (Kalkasi Free Fall) shown in the UK with 'Tessie' (Kalkasi Mamiroufs Born Free) going to Sweden to join 'Kenzo'.


 October 11th 2008 was a sad time in our home when we had to make the decision to have 'Kia' (Kalkasi Island Spirit)

 put to sleep to save her from further suffering. She was aged 12 years and almost 3 months.  


 On 13th January 2009, 'Keela' produced her second litter, sired by 'Star' Ricaduffal Shooting Star. She had 3 boys

 and 3 girls. More news of this litter can be followed on 'Keela's ' 2009 litter page. From this litter we now have at

 Kalkasi, 'Kwincey' (Ch Kalkasi In High Spirits JW ShCM) and 'Kenna' (Kalkasi Eternal Spirit JW).. They hit the show ring in July 2009.


 'Kayli' has had her first litter on 26th September 2009, 3 boys and 5 girls arrived sired by 'Star' Ricaduffal Shooting Star.  We kept 'Katya' (Kalkasi Misty Heights).


 We regret having to announce the loss of 'Keela', Kalkasi Free Spirit, Keela had only started to grow up and act her age, when she was taken so suddenly, We

 believe she had an arterial bleed in her chest which took her life so quickly, without reason and has left a devastating gap in ours, Kamara, Kwincey and   

 Kenna's lives.

 We hope she is now a free spirit, just as her name suggested.


 'Kismet' had her first litter sired by our own 'Kwincey' on 23rd May 2010. Kismet had a caesarian due to the number of puppies she was carrying - 12.

 All were born safely but we soon realised that they were premature by about 4 days and sadly we lost 2 boys and 1 girl within the first week, our first ever such

 loss of live puppies which was quite difficult to accept. Once again, we can only praise our vet for his efforts and help and for getting out of his bed at 2am

 despite not being on duty.

 We can be pleased that we ended up with 9 healthy strong puppies, 6 boys and 3 girls and these all have wonderful new homes to go to. Our girl we have

 kept was initially called 'Bijou', all of the puppies had French names. 'Bijou' will be known as 'K'sena' - (Kalkasi Danz In The Moonlite) and her own webpage   

 is up & running.


 'Kismet' was a superb mum, loving and caring for her brood as if she had done it before. 'Kwincey' watched over his kids from a distance, more with intrigue

 than anything else. We now have a total of 12 Pyreneans, but i'm not convinced we will stop there !


 At the age of 6, 'Kayli' produced her 2nd and final litter sired by 'Kwincey'. We were expecting 8 puppies but 2 and 1/2 hours after all the 8 pups were born

 and 'Kayli' thought that was it - along came 'Keva' (Kalkasi High Expectations) ! Once again 'Kayli' showed what a great mum she was and soon settled

 into motherhood. 'Keva' is number 13 - we hope not unlucky for us - but 13 has always been a favourite number of mine !


 On 18/05/2011 following a very sudden infection, we lost 'Kenna'. Aged 2 it was a terrible shock to lose such a beautiful, fun loving, special  lady.

 We will never know what caused her to take ill so suddenly after a superb day at the PMDC of GB Open show on 15/05/2011 where she was awarded Reserve

 Best Bitch behind her kennelmate K'sena. No words  can express how we feel at such a loss. We know she had a great future before her and it was very hard to

 go to a show the following weekend without her - but we went to win for 'Kenna' and win we did. 'K'sena' her niece won the Bitch Challenge Certificate from

 the puppy class. We tribute this CC to 'Kenna' as we are sure she would have won it on the day.


 On a brighter note, 'Kelsey' Kalkasi Wishing On A Dream is expecting her first litter sired by 'Kwincey' Ch Kalkasi In High Spirits JW ShCM mid June 2011. This

 litter produces a repeat of the pedigree of 'Keva' Kalkasi High Expectations. We are looking forward to and now planning the arrival of this litter.

 Kelseys puppies arrived late on 19th June 2011. 8 boys and 1 girl with the last puppy 'Hathaway' making a dramatic arrival some 3 and half hours after Kelsey

 had had number 8. All puppies  were strong and healthy and even the late arrival didn't take long in attaching to a teat as he had some catching up to do ! 

 Kelsey has settled in to caring for her puppies well and we have noticed a remarkable relaxed attitude in Kelsey.


 On 27th October 2011, after almost a 2 year wait - our new arrival came to the UK from Estonia, Echo De'Chien A Touch Of Magic At Kalkasi JW known to

 us as 'Kwattro'. Chosen carefully again for temperament and looks and to compliment our future breeding plans, we thank Marion-Silvia Diener for allowing

 us to own her shadow. We know how difficult it was for her at 10 months of age to let him leave her and we hope that 'Kwattro' continues to do her proud in

 the UK showring. 'Kwattro' is bred from the first litter born in Estonia - this litter ended up being a multi national litter with litter brothers and sisters going to

 Finland, Russia,  UK and a couple staying in Estonia. His parents being a Finnish bred Dam and a Canadian bred Sire living in Finland.


 Today, 22nd January 2012, we had to make that ever difficult decision to allow 'Skooby' to leave us. Aged 11 and 1/2 years, over the past few days he had lost

 total use of his back legs and it was no longer fair for him to lose his dignity and comfort. Strong and a little stubborn to the end, we know he is now at peace

 running with the others in the big field in the sky and watching over us as he always did.  Sleep in peace and without pain and we are sure your legs will be

 running as fast as they can wherever you are now.


 At the age of nearly 5, Kamara produced her first litter of 8 puppies on 04th August 2012, 2 boys and 6 girls, all strong and healthy. The father was our newly

 imported male 'Kwattro'. We kept the bitch puppy called Fenella who will now be known as 'Kaurtney' Kalkasi Cool Running.


 On 25th February 2013 at the age of 8, 'Kody' , Champion Kalkasi Willows Surprise JW ShCM left us to prevent further suffering, never an easy decision to make but

 he is now at peace. He was reunited with his mother 'Kimba' on 18th August 2013, aged just 1 week short of her 13th Birthday, she went peacefully during her

 afternoon sleep.


 Late July 2013, 'Koni' - Mizeka A Touch Of Class With Kalkasi - arrived at our home, she is 'Kwattro's' daughter from a female called 'Keeley' - Champion Kalkasi 

 Destiny's Spirit At Mizeka ('Kwincey's' full litter sister). We are amazed at how well she settled in and she plays with all of the other dogs and bitches at our home. She is

 currently being overseen by her dad, 'Kwattro' who has taken it upon himself to keep her entertained and ensure she behaves ! Closely followed by her surrogate

 mum, 'Kayli'.


 04th October 2013, 'Kamara' had her 2nd and final litter, a repeat mating to 'Kwattro' produced 3 boys and 4 girls. We did not keep from this litter but due to

 circumstances regarding the care being given to 'Keisha' - 'Kalkasi Magic Touch' we had little choice but to purchase her back for her own welfare. Keisha had 

 terrible problems when she arrived. She was drastically malnourished, underweight, worm burdened and suffering from cystitis. We couldnt believe someone

 could treat one of our puppies this way and we simply couldn't let her leave us. We saw a dramatic change in her within 1 week and now is a beautiful mad lady,     

 so outgoing and is so promising for our kennel.


 After nearly a 3 year gap, 'Kelsey' had her 2nd litter sired by 'Kwattro'. On 20th April 2014, we had 2 boys and 5 girls born, our 'Dream' litter. From this litter this time we

 kept a girl who is now known as 'Kalisi' or Kalkasi Dream Chaser. 'Kalisi' will make her debut in the show world late October, and is already exhibiting an outgoing  

 happy temperament.


 The 13th July 2014 turned out to be a sad day. 'Kayli' - Ch Kalkasi Misty Willow JW decided it was her time to run in the fields in the sky with her Mum, 'Kimba' and her

 Brother 'Kody'. A superb girl to own and love, we will miss her calm and gentle nature. Rest In Peace my beautiful girl. Sadly just 2 days earlier we heard her sister

 'Belle' had been put to sleep to save her from suffering. An extremely sad few days here.


 In January 2015 'Kali'- Kalkasi Born To Run produce the first grandpups for Kwattro. Mated to Kwincey, we had 1 girl and 6 boys. As always, Kali was a great mum.


 April 2015 saw K'sena have her first litter at the near age of 5. Mated to Kwattro she produced 1 boy and 5 girls. 'Kiana' - Kalkasi Moonlite Shadow remained here

 with her mum and grandma - Kismet. The whelping and raising of this litter was an interesting one in that Grandma Kismet helped Ksena raise her pups, sharing the

 cleaning up duties and snuggling up all together, with Kismet taking over in the whelping bed to allow Ksena time to rest. The team work effort we witnessed was a

 joy to watch. Even now, at nearly 1 year on the 3 of them still all live, play and sleep together. Kismet is a healthy 9 and half year old at the time this update is written.


 January 1st 2016 brought 'Keva's first litter into the world. Sired by Belshanmish Orange Crush - 'Bailey' who we fell in love with, we had 4 boys and 4 girls all with

 blaireau markings. The decision of which pup to keep meant us studying the litter closely. They were so close in type and we are proud to announce 'Kruise' -

 Kalkasi Expect Only The Best and 'Kaprice' - Kalkasi Expect To Be A Star stayed here. Kaprice being a facebook page video star with her antics of climbing out (and

 back in !!) the puppy area.


 And now we are in March 2016. 'Kaurtney ' - Kalkasi Cool Running from our first litter sired by Kwattro and Kamara has been mated to our own Kwincey and we

 are keeping our fingers crossed for a May litter. Sadly, for some reason Kaurtney's litter wasnt to be this time but in the weeks after her mating we saw a happy

 content pyrenean who matured so much in a few weeks so we know next time will be right for her.


 And so here we are in 2017.

 We chose to do a repeat mating between Keva and Bailey and on 3rd April 2017 2 puppies came into the world naturally but number 3 had other ideas about

 about being born and held the birth up for itself and the following 6 puppies. A C Section was necessary as we discovered that pup number 3 was laying

 transverse and had no intention of being born naturally. We had 5 girls and 4 boys all blaireau and for the first 2 days they were thriving. Sadly on their second day 

 we had 3 girls succumb to fading puppy syndrome and we had thought we had managed to save one of them as she started to feed off Keva only to take a breath

 and leave us. The remaining pups did well and turned into fun loving playful pups and went to their new homes at the end of May 2017.


 A couple of days after Kevas litter were born we took the plunge and mated Koni for the first time to Kwincey. On 4th June 2017, slightly earlier than planned, Koni

 produced a small litter of 2 boys and 1 girl. Koni took to the whelping bed as soon as we finished putting it in place and there she waited. We are amazed at how

 these girls know what to do and where.


 May was busy with Kevas pups rapidly growing and Konis litter being confirmed.

 One day Kelsey came charging out of her kennel only to slip and hurt her back leg. First thoughts were that she had dislocated her hip but after xray it

 appeared to be a broken or fractured foot. After a week we werent happy with her rear leg, she managed very well hopping around but she

 was no longer attempting to put any weight on her leg and after furtyher xrays we discovered her leg had broken. Not visble on the first xray when

 re-viewed and the diagnosis was that there was a tumour which had caused the leg to break.

 And so on 15th May 2017, just 2 weeks short of her 10th Birthday we had to say goodbye to kelsey, our happy, smiley, fun girl - but she is now no longer in pain and I 

 sometimes hate this breed for not showing their pain.


 We breed always with the best interests of the breed at heart and for health and importantly temperament.

 We choose our stud dogs carefully to compliment our bitches and are known for not following trends of using dogs just because they are winning in the show-


 Our Pyreneans are with us for life. A puppy we have bred is taken back here without question at any time of  its life.

 Ian & Yvonne are always on hand to offer any advice, guidance or help on anything Pyrenean, or to any Pyrenean owner or to those simply wishing to learn

 more about our beautiful breed.


 Visitors are most welcome by prior arrangement. Our dogs are our life.



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